Here I will share with you some of the cute meals that I have made for my children.  Excuse the pics, I'm not the best photographer but we do have fun making!

My Children love the tv show Charlie and Lola, so I had an idea to surprise them!  Sure enough this was a total hit and I had fun making it too.

I used a knife to shape the bread, cucumber for the nose and mouth, apple slices and sultanas for the eyes, cheese and cucumber for hair and strawberry hairties.

I think it's pretty close to the real Lola, what do you think?

My girls love little sandwiches, these were a hit!  Made with the Rilakkuma set of cookie cutters and as you can see they work great on bread!


Cute little Bento for school.  Rolled up sandwiches with turkey & cranberry, home made garlic bread sticks (I used the crusts from the rollups)  yoghurt balls, mandarins and cucumbers.  Chipmunk lunch box available here


I absolutely love sandwich cutters, they're so fun!  The Butterfly cutter is a favourite with the girls.  You can make up any theme you like... let your imagination run wild!


Here I used the Elephant sandwich cutter to make a fun and tasty sandwich and using African animal cookie cutters I had previously made a batch of cookies....and yes they loved it!


Something a little different for the girls, they had fun with it though!  The boys in their classes loved the idea of Star wars sandwiches, I think they were just a tiny bit jealous!

star wars

My latest Bento was a hit with the girls!  How good are dinner left overs!!  I used rice, spaghetti and meatballs and lunch was nearly done!  Just to make it look a little prettier, I used the Bento egg molds to shape the rice and little shape cutters for the cucumber and rockmelon.  All you need is a little imagination and if you need some extra help, visit our Bento Lunch tab for some of our wonderful products.