Get inspired and get your green thumb on!
Houseplants do more than just beautify your indoor space. Research shows that keeping plants inside your home can bring a host of physical and mental health benefits.
Plants Fight Pollution Indoors
Plants Help Fight Colds
Plants Enhance Cognitive Function
Plants Make You Happy
So what are you waiting for, get out there!

Source Sisel Adelaide

Do you keep indoor plants?
Before purchasing, ask about which plants could be harmful to pets if ingested.
Air Purifying Plants
Whether it’s old or new, your home could be harboring unhealthy (and invisible) toxins. These chemical compounds are found in emissions from paint, plastics, carpet, cleaning solutions, and numerous building materials. Three major offenders found in the home include:
formaldehyde: in carpets, upholstery, glues, paint, and more
benzene: in plastics, synthetic fibers, lubricants, rubber, pesticides, and more)
trichloroethylene: in paint removers, rug cleaning solution, adhesives, and more.

Source  Sisel Adelaide